Metaphorical Perceptions of Preschool Teachers on the Concept of Nature

Ayhan Bulut
211 184


The aim of this study is to determine the mental images of preschool teachers’ perceptions about nature through metaphors. Participating in the study on a voluntary basis it consists of a total of 106 preschool teachers. The phenomenology design from the qualitative research designs was administrated in this study aiming to specify the perceptions of preschool teachers on nature by means of metaphors. Preschool teachers' views on the concept of "nature" were obtained through metaphors. In this context, preschool teachers “nature……. similar / like; because, ……” statements were asked to fill in written. The obtained data were analyzed by content analysis technique. The general findings of the study concluded that 106 preschool teachers, who participated in the study, developed 45 different metaphors on the concept of nature. The metaphors developed by preschool teachers on nature were classified under 9 different categories. It can be urged upon the conclusions of this study that preschool teachers considered the nature as a harbor in which they felt secure, where they got happy while spending time and to where they sought shelter and a place to where they could go when they needed.


Preschool, Nature, Metaphor, Perception

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Bulut, A. (2021). Metaphorical perceptions of preschool teachers on the concept of nature. International Journal on Social and Education Sciences (IJonSES), 3(2), 237-251.



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