COVID-19 from the Perspective of Preschool Prospective Teachers: What Can We Do for Children?

Derya Atabey
655 343


The current study was carried out to determine the problems that preschool children experience during COVID-19 and also what could be done from perspectives of preschool prospective teachers. The working group of the study was made up of 45 projects prepared by 15 preschool prospective teachers attending to the midterm exam of lecture of “Practices of social service” in Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University, Faculty of Education, Department of Preschool Education.  As a data collection tool, the project preparation form (A unstructured survey form) that was prepared by the researcher was used.  The study was carried out qualitative research methods and the projects comprising the working group of the study were analyzed with content analysis technique. At the end of the study, the problems that preschool children might experience in the pandemic period, the purposes to decrease these problems to minimum, the concepts and values to be attained and recommendations for projects were determined. Various recommendations were made in line with the findings obtained.


Covid-19, Pandemic, Preschool children, Preschool prospective teacher, Project

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Atabey, D. (2021). COVID-19 from the perspective of preschool prospective teachers: What can we do for children? International Journal on Social and Education Sciences (IJonSES), 3(1), 82-94.



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