Educational Adventure of Students in the COVID-19 Period in Turkey: Determination of Parents' Views

Murat Çakın, Ebru Külekçi Akyavuz
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This study aims to investigate the distance education process during the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of parents. It is also aimed to determine the problems regarding children’s education that arose in this period and the educational and social activities parents do with their children. The study is designed as qualitative research. Parents with children studying at a primary school were included in the study group. A total of 20 parents participated in the study. Semi-structured interview forms developed by the researchers were used for data collection. Within the scope of the data obtained in the research, the problems experienced by parents in this period were collected under the categories of “instructional problems, social problems, and technological problems,” and the activities they did with their children were collected under the categories of “health-related activities, educational activities, and social activities.”


Covid-19, parents, education, students

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Cakin, M., & Kulekci Akyavuz, E. (2021). Educational adventure of students in the COVID-19 period in Turkey: Determination of parents' views. International Journal on Social and Education Sciences (IJonSES), 3(1), 109-125.



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