Work Patterns and Financing College: A Descriptive Regional Report regarding Students at Hispanic-Serving Institutions in New Mexico and Texas

Jorje Ramos, Jason Rodin, Michael Preuss, Eric Sosa, Christine Dorsett, Chenoa Burleson
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College students at 14 Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) in New Mexico and Texas were surveyed about their experiences in and perceptions of higher education. Three primary foci were students’ employment status, work commitments, and means of financing college. Most of the informants reported working while in college and, similar to previously reported national averages, 69.4% of the informants were actively employed. Twice as many of the actively employed informants worked off campus as on campus and over three-quarters of employed students reported working part-time. There were no significance differences in these areas by gender, ethnicity, or even when broken out as Latinas, Latinos, non-Hispanic females and non-Hispanic males but students of non-traditional age reported a work commitment at significantly higher levels. For hours of work per week, there were also no significant differences by gender, ethnicity, and for the four possible subsets (Latinas, Latinos, etc.) but being a non-traditional aged student and being married/cohabiting were associated with working more hours at statistically significant levels. Students at the HSIs in New Mexico also reported more hours of work at statistically significant levels. Differences by gender, ethnicity, age, relational status, and state were found for means of funding college.


Hispanic-Serving Institutions, Hispanics, Latinx, Underrepresented minorities, Employment, Funding college, Inequality

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Ramos, J., Rodin, J., Preuss, M., Sosa, E., Dorsett, C., & Burleson, C. (2021). Work patterns and financing college: A descriptive regional report regarding students at Hispanic-Serving Institutions in New Mexico and Texas. International Journal on Social and Education Sciences (IJonSES), 3(1), 1-31.



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