Flipped Classroom: Success with First Year Mathematics Students

Nehal J. Shukla, Elizabeth Mcinnis
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In the modern era of internet and social media, teachers are pursuing new methods to integrate online resources and techniques into their curriculum and flipped classroom instruction model has been their response to this heightened digital migration. Despite this high amount of interest, few studies have evaluated the effectiveness of classroom flipping in mathematics on student academic outcomes. Specifically, no rigorous studies of the effects of flipping a mathematics course on students’ mathematical understandings, course satisfaction and student’s success appear in the literature. This study aims to understand the effectiveness of flipped classroom in first year undergraduate mathematics students at university level by measuring student’s success via (1) students’ overall course satisfaction (2) students’ pre and post-test grade and (3) student’s pass rate. Our study showed improved student’s perception of course satisfaction and improved final grades (post-test compared to pre-test). We noticed some improvement in pass rate of flipped classroom students compared to non-flipped classroom students, but it was not statistically significant. We recommend future studies to see if this student’s success transforms into improvement in student’s attrition, retention, progression and graduation rate.


Flipped classroom, Student’s success, Instructional videos, Pre and post quizzes, Classroom activities.

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Shukla, N. J., & Mcinnis, E. (2021). Flipped classroom: Success with first year mathematics students. International Journal on Social and Education Sciences (IJonSES), 3(1), 32-47. https://doi.org/10.46328/ijonses.56

DOI: https://doi.org/10.46328/ijonses.56


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