Insight on Planning and Assessing the Teaching-Learning Process

Khalid Aada
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Today, talking about educational planning generates a certain vital importance for the achievement of the goals and objectives previously established, as well as the definition of the steps and means necessary to carry out this process. However, we cannot talk about planning without addressing the assessment process as an essential element to review, through concrete and reliable criteria, how many goals have been achieved and under what conditions. This article discusses the important relationship between two essential areas at educational level: Planning and Assessing during the Teaching and the Learning Process. The main purpose of this work is to present a pedagogical tool that could facilitate the organization and the establishment of a followup in an actual form and thus contribute to the improvement of the study programs. Readers interested in this field of education will find in this article considerable ideas that would help them to understand the transcendence of systematized planning and organized assessment under a complex process, to complement their didactic training and thus make practical decisions that allow them to reach the established objectives. It seems that both Planning and Assessing work together to the achievement of the outcomes. But under what circumstances and conditions should be done the whole merging?


Planning, Assessing, Teaching-learning process

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