Availability of Activities and Appropriateness of Graphical Illustrations in Recommended Economics Textbooks for Senior Secondary School Students

Deborah Oreoluwa Yahya, Solomon Temitope Adebola
293 253


The study examined the availability of specified activities for teachers and students in the recommended Economics textbooks and also examined the level of appropriateness of graphical illustrations in the recommended Economics textbooks. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design. The population for the study comprised the 14 recommended Economics textbooks by the Ministry of Education in Ogun State senior secondary schools. Four Economics textbooks among those recommended were selected for the study using simple random sampling technique. One research instrument titled Economics “Textbook Assessment Checklist (ETAC)” was used to elicit information on the availability of activities and appropriateness of graphical illustrations in Economics textbooks. The data were analyzed using frequency count and percentages. The result showed that among the recommended textbooks, only Textbook B (New Approach Economics) had the specified activities for teachers and students. The result further showed the level of appropriateness of Textbook D (78%), Textbook B (67%), Textbook C (64%) to be high while Textbook A (42%) was moderate. The study concluded that the specified learning activities were not available in all the textbooks and that the appropriateness of the graphical illustrations in the textbooks were between high and moderate level.


Activities, Appropriateness, Graphical illustrations, Recommended economics textbooks

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.46328/ijonses.16


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